My Quilts


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I am content when I am piecing and quilting.  Whenever I see the colors in the fabric, or feel the layers, or peek at the stitching on the reverse side… I think about the heart and hands of the man or woman who made a simple quilt some 60-70 years ago…. its enough to float me into oblivion!

Offtimes, I don’t see myself as a artist who uses paints, brushes and a canvas… but in my world of fabric and thread I have the power to create.  I took classes in “home economics” but I put away my sewing machine after high school.  When I lost my dad in 1997, feelings of loneliness and anxiety were calmed as I picked up his neckties and clothing.  I found myself sitting in the continuous hummmmm of my sewing machine and began to teach myself to quilt from a pattern book.

To this date, I choose to honor the themes of unity, family,  individual strength and a sense of shared community in my quilting styles and color selection. I enjoy the Saturday sit-downs with friends that I teach quilting:  I find immense joy in helping others find their own visual voice in quilting together bits of fabric that can be passed on to future generations!



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